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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 3; May 2001

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 3 Issue 3
May 2001

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Welcome to the May 2001 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. The University of the First Age ( General and secondary)
Maggie Farrar, Birmingham, UK.

2. Organizational Intelligence (General)
Bonnie Tsai, France and US.


Pithy Sayings and Assorted Jokes

Short Article

1. The Full Force of Humanistic Teaching with Immigrants (adult and general)
Robert Feather, Pilgrims, UK.

2. Big Brother ( General - a spoof)
Chris Sion, South Africa and Holland

3. A Validation of Drama in the Classroom (Secondary + adult)
Siabhra Woods, I.H. London, UK

4. Outside the Circle Dance- towards a more principled Humanism. (General)
Simon Marshall, Pilgrims UK. ( Re-published from IATEFL TT SIG Newsletter, July 2000 )

5. Meanderings of an EFL so-called applied Linguist in 'The good, the bad and the loony' debate. (General)
Peter Grundy, Durham University, UK. ( Republished from IATEFL TT SIG Newsletter July 2000 )

6. The Jackendoff "Skeptic" on Humanistic Language Teaching (General)
Jane Arnold, Seville University, ( Re-published from IATEFL TT SIG Newsletter July, 2000.)

7. Consideration of Affect does not equal Humanism (General)
Philip Kerr, Belgium. ( Re-published from IATEFL SIG Newsletter, July 2000)

Ideas from the Corpora

Things can only get Fuzzier

Lesson Outlines

1. Conflict Role play ( Secondary and adult )
Bente Mikkelsen, Denmark

2. Abbreviations (Primary)
Henk van Oort, Holland

3. Messages ( Primary)
Henk van Oort, Holland

4. Reading Gap Texts aloud (allowed) (secondary, adult)
Christine van Opden Bosch, Belgium

5. Who said what to Whom? (Secondary and adult)
Nick Jones, Spain.

    Happy Families Discussion

    Discussing Information

    The English Clinic

Student Voices

Immigrant Voices, East End of London, UK


13 Short Reviews from The Teacher Trainer

Review of Planning Lessons and Courses, Designing Sequences of work for the Language Classroom, by Tessa Woodward,
Cambridge, 2001.

An Old Exercise

Context and Meaning
A rudimentary pragmatics exercise from
Challenge to Think, Frank et al. Oxford, 1982

Pilgrims Course Outline

English for Teachers

Readers' Letters

Inadequate Reviews, from Peter Grundy, Durham University, UK

Response to Littlemore on The Metaphorical Intelligence , from Michael Berman uk.

Bernard Dufeu replies to Svante Svensson ( see Bernard's article in HLT 2001/1: A Look at a Way of Teaching based on , Relationship- Linguistic Psychodramaturgy.)

Teacher Resource Books Preview

From Advanced to Native
Simon Marshall ( upper secondary and adult)

Seth Column

Are English Prepositions really incredibly Idiomatic?

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