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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

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Major Articles

  1. TESL Instructional Materials and First-Generation Learners: Voices of the Voiceless
    J. John Love Joy, India
  2. Language Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition
    Lorraine Cleeton and Lois A.Grollitsch, US
  3. Identifying Learning Needs: Using Narrative Analysis
    Anil Pathak and Sng Bee Bee, China


Church Jokes
submitted by Patricia Cammack, UK

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Short Articles

  1. Encouraging the Appreciation of Literature Through Personal Involvement
    Danielle Frisch, Luxembourg
  2. Encouraging Learner Autonomy Through Presentations
    Michel Bintener, Luxembourg
  3. A WIN-WIN Situation: Exploratory Language Learning and Teaching in a Foreign Language Classroom - Action Research Perspective
    Jacek Wasilewski, Poland
  4. Let Them Write
    Nesrin Oruç, Turkey
  5. Multi-Level Language Learning Program
    John W. Tigue, US
  6. 10 Reasons I Love PowerPoint
    Kevin McCaughey, Jordan
  7. LLL – Laptop Language Learning
    Alan Green, UK
  8. Geometrical Literature
    Esterina La Torre, Italy
  9. Humanising Grades
    Mojca Grešak, Slovenia
  10. Drama and CLIL: The Power of Connection
    Susan Hillyard, Argentina
  11. From Summerhill to ELT: Promoting Democracy in the Classroom
    Michelle Worgan, Spain
  12. Using Pictures and Picture Books to Create Readers and Thoughtful Readings
    Janice Bland, Germany
  13. The Heart of the Matter: A Short Personal History of SLA Research and What It Has Meant to My Classroom Teaching – Part Two
    Lou Spaventa, US
esl teaching jobs

ESL Teaching Jobs

Ideas from the Corpora

Some Ideas on How to Use the British National Corpus On-line: Using the Discovery Technique for Teaching Lexis
Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

Lesson Outlines

  1. Teaching Grammar to Dislexic Children: Some Ideas
    Daniela Tomatis, Italy
  2. Fun with Pictures for ELT
    Simon Mumford, Turkey
  3. Let’s Take a Look at Affricate Sounds with “The Pink Panther”
    Bettiana Andrea Blázquez, Argentina
  4. Take the Sting out of Teaching 2nd Conditional
    Natasha Jovanovich, Serbia
  5. Christmas: Activating Your Memory Through Your Senses!
    Lauren Damas, Portugal

Student Voices

A Mirror of My Feelings
Beate Walter and Jessica Schöneberg, Germany


  1. English and Soft Skills
    reviewed by S. Kumaran, India
  2. Short Book Reviews
    Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

An Old Exercise

Five Communicative Activities to Practise Speaking
Angelica Popescu, Romania

Pilgrims Course Outline

  1. ICT in the Classroom: New Pilgrims Courses
    Kristina Smith, Turkey
  2. APPI Teacher’s Training Course: A Poem
    Alexandra Costa, Portugal
  3. My experience on How NLP Has Influenced Me as a Teacher and Learner
    Lauren Damas, Portugal

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

  1. Journeys Outside Time: A Collection of Shamanic Ballads and Shamanic Stories by Michael Berman
    Michael Berman, UK
  2. The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking Like a Professional
    Philip Yaffe, Belgium


  1. Magical Christmas
    Fiona James, UK
  2. Teaching As an Art
    Roy Boardman, Italy
  3. Needed: Non-killing Video Games
    Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil
  4. The Club
    Paul Bress, UK

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