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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 2; Issue 1; January 2000

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 2 Issue 1
January 2000

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Welcome to the January 2000 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. "Telling teaching and the dilemma of doing"
Donald Freeman

2. "The Bible as an effective source of teaching materials"
Debora Pamplona


Excuse Notes Parents send to Teachers

Short Article

1. "The last Five years of my life as a Teacher"
Paula Alves

2. "Different Approches to Teaching- which is most comfortable for you?"
Phil Dexter, British Council, Slovakia

3. "My Discipline 'Recipe'"
Concha Julián

4. "Humanistic Language Teaching - A Secondary School Teacher perspective"
Ana Robles, HLT's Secondary Consultant

Ideas from the Corpora

Slumped in front of the telly

Lesson Outlines

1. How long ago is"ago"? (1)
2. Building Abstract Nouns (2)
3. Double Meanings (3)
4. Reversing items Dictation (4)
5. Grammar Card (5)

Student Voices

Looking back a long way to coldness


1. Dictionary of English language and Culture
2. Mindgames (CD Rom)

An Old Exercise

Story-telling, from the work of Gianni Rodari

Pilgrims Course Outline

The Summer Evening Program

Readers' Letters
Letting students write to each other across the class

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