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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 4; Issue 1; January 2002

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 4 Issue 1
January 2002

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Why Humanising Language Teaching?

Major Article

1. The Intelligent Body; The non-local Mind
( reprinted from the SEAL Journal)
Dr Rosy Daniel, M.D.

2. Sharing the Power: Action research into learner and teacher co-evaluation
Secondary and general
Christoph Ruehlemann, Bavaria, Germany

3. Paralessons- or observations on quality, evaluation and the role of the teacher from the edge of EAP lessons
Dr Richard Kiely, University College, Chichester, UK


The Laughlab Project
and other jokes.

Short Article

1. A Christmas Story Primary and general
The human Aspect of a CDrom
Andrew Stokes, www.clarity.com.hk

2. Learning the Culture as well as the Words General
Dr Yahya Kharrat, King Khalid University,
Saudi Arabia

3. The Spy, the Enforcer, the Resourcer, the Doppelganger Secondary and adult
Lindsay Clandfield ( reprinted from it's MAGAZINE for teachers)

4. My Passion for my Students Secondary
Maria Eugenia Marinas Guimerans, Galicia, Spain

5. Interview with Maria Eugenia Guimerans about her

6. Catering for Multiple Intelligences in EFL Coursebooks Secondary and adult
Rolf Palmberg, Abo Akademi University, Vaasa, Finland

7. TEFL changes your life! You have been warned! General
Jenny Lovell, UK

8. Setting up A Teacher Development Group General

Being set up as a teacher development group
Julian Kenny , UK.

9. Getting Past Barriers and the role of Positive Beliefs in teaching General
Ann Price, Liverpool, UK

Ideas from the Corpora

Is lexicography the new black?
Michael Rundell, UK.

Lesson Outlines

1. Forced Choices Interview Adult
Denny Packard, France

2. Abstract Role Play Adult
Denny Packard, France

3. Role-Playing Language Teaching Methodology Teacher Training
Denny Packard, France

Student Voices

One Immigrant Student and his 4 Teachers


The Magazine for Learners of English
Seth Lindstomberg, UK.
Brief Reviews 16 titles
From The Teacher Trainer 15/3

An Old Exercise

Teacherless Task ( late teenager and adult)
From the 1970's

Pilgrims Course Outline

Children and Teenager Course
Alain Cabache, Director, Children Courses

Readers' Letters

Nightmares, University and Teaching
Begonia Iglesias, Galicia, Spain

What motivates me
Helen Guimaraes, Recife, Brazil

A Teacher I hated
Irina Maliken, Romania

Reaction to Maley's article in HLT Nov 2001,
Teaching English in difficult Circumstances:
Who needs a health farm if they are starving?

David Kellogg, Seoul, South Korea

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Using the Mother Tongue
The Mother Tongue as a Resource in the Foreign Language Classroom

Secondary and adult
Sheelagh Deller and Mario Rinvolucri

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain
How much Diversity must I celebrate?

Seth Lindstromberg, UK.

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