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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 4; Issue 3; May 2002
Year 4 Issue 3
May 2002

The British Council teaches Individualism….
The Portonovo Humanistic Conference ….
The Wordsmith site….
What's in this issue

Major Article

1. An Introduction to Communicative Receptivity Training
Peter Wilberg, Kent, UK

2. The Burden Basket
Secondary and adult
Michael Berman, London, UK

3. Brain Gym
primary, secondary, adult
Tom Maguire, Catalunya, Spain


This one's good….
Carlos Aslan, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
( article including jokes and how to use them)
Kids say the darnedest Things
( sentences from students' papers)

Short Article

1. Bending Rules : The rights and responsibility of the teacher
Mary Meyer, Paraguay

2. The Heart of the Matter 2
Lou Spaventa, California, USA

3. Do-it-Yourself Humanism - courtesy of Blogger
Larry Davies, FUN, Hakodate, Japan

4. Trust- Learning from other fields
Jim Wingate, Wales, UK

5. Are Exams Child Abuse?
Compiled by Mario Rinvolucri, UK.

6. Autonomy in Adult Education
Monica Cardholm, Sweden

7. Trading Places – A student trains his teacher
Martin Spiller and Pete Gibson

Ideas from the Corpora

Metatarsal Mania grips England- the Value ( and Limitations) of a News Corpus
Mike Rundell, UK.

Lesson Outlines

1. The Auction Test - Secondary
Camino Gefaell, Galicia, Spain

2. Building Houses- past Perfect - Upper Secondary, adult
Maria Luz Valencia, Galicia, Spain

3. A September 11th Comparison- Passives - Upper secondary, adult
Mario Rinvolucri. UK

4. The Weakest Link - Secondary and adult
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

Student Voices

I have been robbed of the chance to enjoy my subjects
Richard Green ,UK 12 year student ( Extracts from letter to the Guardian)

A student in mourning
An undergraduate voice from Lisbon, Portugal


Brief Reviews of 13 Titles
(from within EFL and beyond)
Re-published from The Teacher Trainer
Year 16 Issue 1.

An Old Exercise

Switch Sentences - Upper secondary and adult
From Challenge to Think, Frank et al. OUP, 1982

Pilgrims Course Outline

A look at Teacher Training through Bateson Eyes
Mario Rinvolucri, UK.

Readers' Letters

1. Being back in an English speaking country I love
Marina Fraga, Galicia, Spain

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain
Sailing Expressions

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Creating Conversation in Class - Upper Secondary and adult
by Chris Sion, The Netherlands

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