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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

Contributor's Guidelines

Major Articles

  1. A Tutoring System Implemented in the Self-Access Center in the Language School at UABC, Tijuana, México
    María del Rocío Domínguez Gaona, Mexico
  2. The Common European Framework and Language Teaching Policy in Mexican Public Higher Education
    Orencio Francisco Brambila-Rojo, Mexico
  3. Stressed Out: Intonation for Beginners in TV Tutoring Sessions
    Nevin Siders, Mexico
  4. Teaching Oral English and English Writing in China
    Graham Paterson, Australia
  5. An Individual in a Group: Reflections on TYL Project at the University of Gdańsk Teacher Training College
    Mariola Bogucka and Magdalena Wawrzyniak-Śliwska, Poland


Happy Winterval, Everyone!
Ken Wilson, UK

Autumn 2007 Out Now!!

Short Articles

  1. Reading Comprehension at the National University: Time to Reflect
    Shélick G. Galván, Mexico
  2. My Experiences In and Beyond the Classroom: Public School Students and English Learning in Mexico
    Juan Olmeda, Mexico
  3. The Importance of Pronunciation - The Mexican Persective
    Graciela Hernández, Mexico
  4. What We Learn from our Teaching: Teacher Collaboration as a Strategy for Professionalism
    Kym Acuña, Mexico
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: The 11th Myth:A Reflection on Paradigm Shifts in Teacher Training Programs
    Carlos Lizárraga, Mexico
  6. The Joy of Reading
    Roberta King, Mexico
  7. Music - Imagination: A Fantastic Match for the Construction of Knowledge in the Classroom
    Mónica García Pelayo, Mexico
  8. Setting New Year Resolutions... in November
    Carla Boggio, Uruguay
  9. Constructive Communication Through Contrasts: Infinitival Pairs for Educating Towards Communicative Peace
    Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil
  10. E-learning and Multiple Intelligences: Catering for Different Needs and Learning Styles
    Claudio de Paiva Franco, Brazil
  11. Humanistic Language Teaching in the 21st Century
    Paul Bress, UK
  12. Off The Beaten Path: Quantum Learning
    Hall Houston, Hong Kong
  13. Observing Other Teachers Teach
    Lou Spaventa, US

Ideas from the Corpora

The Pedagogical Implications of a Lexical Approach in Learning and Teaching English
Anna Maria Aiazzi, Italy

Lesson Outlines

  1. If I Were a Tree... An Experience of Working with Humanistic Activities and Teenagers
    Cristina Ferreira Villamar, Mexico
  2. Careers and Education: Sharing an Abroad Experience. Is your English Good Enough to Study and Work in an English-speaking Country?
    Rafael Cravioto Torres, Mexico
  3. "I Know English" - An Exercise to be Put into Practice the Very First Day
    Graciela Adriana Lamas - Orán, Salta, Argentina
  4. Some Creative Writing Lessons
    Tom Booth, UK
  5. Grammar Is Dead! Long Live Grammar!
    Monica Hoogstad, UK

ESL Teaching Jobs

Student Voices

  1. Teen Angst: Establishing and Maintaining Discipline in the Classroom
    Richard Frost, UK
  2. Embarassing Moments
    submitted by Carol Griffiths, China
  3. Observing Classes with SEN Students
    Maciej Sienkiewicz, Poland


  1. Dinah Zike's Teaching Science with Foldables
    reviewed by Paloma Varela, Bridges, Mexico
  2. Can Mickey Really Teach English?! Review of English Adventures, a Series for Elementary Schools, by José Luis Morales
    reviewed by Nevin Siders, Mexico
  3. Publications Received
    Tessa Woodward, UK

An Old Exercise

"Four Voice Dictation" after Herbert Puchta
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

Pilgrims Course Outline

  1. A Thank You Note
    Paloma Varela, Mexico
  2. Reflections on Easter Courses at "Pilgrims", Canterbury
    Elena Kashina, Russia

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

NLP and Teenage Boredom - Dreaming of a Class
by Gigliola Pagano, Italy


  1. A Coursebook Writer's Limerick
    Mario Rinvolucri, UK
  2. Love Unlimited - a Poem-Plea (Through Paired Rhymes)
    Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil

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