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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 1; Issue 7; November 1999

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 1 Issue 7
November 1999

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Welcome to the November 1999 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

"The Real World and the Classroom"
John Morgan (UK)


Laughter from Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Brazil

Short Article

"Learning Vocabulary- Strategies that work"
Ana Robles, Fraga (Spain)

Ideas from the Corpora

Article 6 in Michael Rundell's Column:
"Do bleeding heart liberals live in the real world?"

Lesson Outlines

Two lesson plans from Germany
Christine Frank, author of Challenge to Think, OUP

1. Group Writing for Better Results (1)
2. Group-writing for Better Results (2)

Student Voices

Two Adult Learners from Spain and a teenager from London, UK


"Handing Over- NLP based activities for language learning"
Jane Revell and Susan Norman
Saffire Press, October 1999

An Old Exercise

Puzzle Stories

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims Workshops: We can come to you!

Readers' Letters

1. About bursting into English Silvia Cosentino, Cultura Inglesa, Brazil

2. Opening Up - a letter from a Southern European University.

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