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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 6; Issue 3; September 04

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims Booklist 2004-2005

Rather than the description of a course, this September, we would like to offer you a handy list of the books written by Pilgrims-connected teachers since the 1970's. The list includes titles that are in-print, out of print and forthcoming.

Pilgrims was founded in 1974 by James Dixey. Since then, Pilgrims-connected teachers have written a large number of Teacher Resource Books some of which have become classics. Some of the other published material by Pilgrims-connected authors is also included. Nearly fifty writers.

The list below is by author.

# :thus sign indicates that you need to search for this title via Amazon or other web book outlets, as the publishers are no longer reprinting it. Amazon can often find "out-of-print" books for you at the click of a mouse.
Alternatively, have a look in a good EFL library.

Judy Baker
Unlocking self-expression through NLP, with Mario Rinvolucri, Delta Books, forthcoming 2005.

Richard and Marjorie Baudains
Alternatives, Pilgrims-Longman, 1990 #.

Marge Berer
Mazes, with Mario Rinvolucri, Heinemann, 1980 #.

Tim Bowen
The pronunciation book, with Jonathan Marks, Pilgrims-Longman, 1992 #.
Inside teaching, with Jonathan Marks, Heinemann, 1994.

Nicky Burbidge
Letters, with Peta Gray , Sheila Levy and Mario Rinvolucri, Oxford 1996 #.

Rick Cooper
Video, with Mike Lavery and Mario Rinvolucri, Oxford, 1989 #.

David Cranmer
Motivating high level learners, Pilgrims-Longman 1996 #.
Musical openings, with Clement Laroy, Pilgrims-Longman, 1993 #.

Paul Davis
More grammar games, with Mario Rinvolucri, Cambridge, 1995.
66 Grammatik-Spiele, with Mario Rinvolucri, Klett Verlag, 1996
(separate books to teach, German, Spanish, Italian and French).
Dictation, with Mario Rinvolucri, Cambridge, 1988.
The Confidence book, with Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims-Longman, 1990 #.

Sheelagh Deller
Lessons from the learner, Pilgrims-Longman, 1990 #.
Using the mother tongue- making the most of the learner's language, with Mario Rinvolucri, Delta Books 2002.

James Dixey
Get up and do it, with Mario Rinvolucri, Longman, 1978 #.
Well said, with Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims Publications, 1976 #.

Joni Farthing
Business Mazes, Hart Davis, 1981 #.
You can find some of these mazes on the Web: www.uefap.co.uk/speaking/exercise/mazes/mazes.htm

Isobel Fletcher de Tellez
Mindgame, (CD Rom), with Mario Rinvolucri and the Clarity programmers, Clarity, Hongkong, 2000.

Christine Frank
Challenge to think, (T Bk and St Bk), with Marge Berer and Mario Rinvolucri, Oxford 1982 #.
Grammar in action again, with Mario Rinvolucri, Prentice Hall in association with Pilgrims, 1987 #.

Barbara Garside
Ways of doing, with Paul Davis and Mario Rinvolucri, Cambridge, 1999.

Peta Gray
Safety and challenge, with Sue Leather, Delta Books.

Peter Grundy
Language through literature, with Susan Bassnett, Pilgrims-Longman 1993 #.
Designer writing, with Arthur Brookes, Pilgrims Publications,1988 #.
Writing for study purposes, with Arthur Brookes, Cambridge 1990.
Newspapers, Oxford, 1993.
Doing pragmatics, Edward Arnold, 1995.
Beginning to write, with Arthur Brookes, 1998.
Beginners, Oxford, 1994.

Natalie Hess
Creative questions, with Laurel Pollard, Pilgrims-Longman 1995 #.
Headstarts, Pilgrims-Longman, 1991 #.

David A. Hill
Visual impact, Pilgrims-Longman, 1990 #.

Randal Holme
Talking texts, Pilgrims-Longman, 1991 #.
ESP Ideas- recipes for teaching professional and academic, English, Pilgrims-Longman, 1994.

Clement Laroy
Pronunciation, Oxford, 1996.

Seth Lindstromberg
The Recipe Book, Pilgrims-Longman, 1990 (ed) #.
Language Activities for Teenagers, Cambridge, 2004 (ed).
The Standby Book, Cambridge,1997 (ed).
English Prepositions Explained, John Benjamins, 1997.

Seth Lindstromberg was editor for all the titles in the Pilgrims-Longman Teacher Resource Book list.

Saxon Menne
Writing for effect, Oxford, 1979 #.
The Pilgrims English course, SM, (Spain) 1993.

John Morgan
The Q book- Practising interrogatives, with Mario Rinvolucri, ELB Publishing, 2004 (first published with Longman, 1988).
Vocabulary, with Mario Rinvolucri, Oxford, 1986 and a revised and expanded edition in 2004.
Hiztegia lantzen, (Basque version of the first edition of the above book) HABE, Donostia. 1989.
Once upon a time, with Mario Rinvolucri, Cambridge, 1983.
Geschichten im Englisch Unterricht,(German version of above book) Forum Sprache, Hueber, 1985.

Herbert Puchta
Teaching teenagers, with Michael Schratz, Pilgrims-Longman, 1993 #.
Creative grammar practice, with Guenter Gerngross, Pilgrims-Longman, 1992.

Herbert has also written several coursebooks for primary and secondary level eg:
Playway to English, with Guenter Gerngross, Helbling and Cambridge.
English in Mind, with Jeff Stranks, Cambridge, 2004-2005.

Nick Owen
The Magic of Metaphor, Crown House Publishing, 2001.
More Magic of Metaphor, Crown House Publishing 2001.

Mario Rinvolucri
Humanising your coursebook, Delta Books, 2002.
Grammar games, Cambridge, 1984.

Mario Rinvolucri has edited the Pilgrims on-line magazine for language teachers since 1999.

Chris Sion
Recipes for tired teachers, Alta Book Centre Publishers, Cal, 2004, (first published in the 80's by Addison Wesley).
More recipes for tired teachers, Addison Wesley, 1991.
Creating conversation in class, Delta Books 2002.

Lou Spaventa
Towards the Creative Teaching of English, with Lydia Langenheim, Maggie Melville and Mario Rinvolucri, Heinemann, 1980 #.

John Taylor
Minimax Teacher, Delta Books, 2002.

Bonnie Tsai
Business English recipes, with Judy Irigoin, Pilgrims-Longman, 1995 #.
Creative resources, with Judit Feher, IAL, forthcoming 2005.

Henk van Oort
Challenging children- 100 activities for English in primary education, forthcoming with Delta Books, 2005.

David Warr
Language gardening, Language Garden/ 361 Ridgacre Rd/Quinton, B 32 1EH, UK, 2003.

Peter Wilberg
One-to-one- a teacher's handbook, LTP, 1987.

Jim Wingate
Open up a teacher, Pilgrims Publications, 1985.
Knowing me, knowing you, Delta Books 2000.
Getting beginners to talk, Prentice Hall, 1993.

Tessa Woodward
Loop-Input, Pilgrims Publication, 1987 #.
Models and metaphors in language teacher training, Cambridge 1991.
Planning from lesson to lesson, with Seth Lindstromberg, 1995, Cambridge.
Planning lessons and courses, 2001, Cambridge.
Ways of working with teachers, 2004, Tessa Woodward Publications, 2004(previously published as Ways of Training, Longman 1992).

Tessa Woodward has edited THE TEACHER TRAINER, Pilgrim's journal for teacher educators since 1986.

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