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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 1; Issue 4; June 1999


Humanising Language Teaching Conference

Welcome to Issue 4 of the Pilgrims' webzine for EFL teachers.

For the growing number of people who are aware of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) the first place to visit this time is Ana Robles' brilliant article in which she uses NLP tools to discover how l4 year-old Spanish kids actually think their way into a piece of writing that ends up being English. (see Short article No 1)

For people who have been influenced by the work of Lozanov then the main article, this time by Grethe Hooper Hansen, past president of SEAL, will be a must. She makes a strong case for rigour and care in humanistic and holistic work, precisely because it is so powerful. No, this article is for you, even if this is your first contact with the world of Suggestopaedia.

Afraid of the linguistic aspects of growing old? Are you aware that you are maybe teaching the English of yesterday to the young people of tomorrow? If you are, then have a look at Staying Vaguely Young, by CUP lexicographer, Julie More. (see under Corpora Ideas)

My web statistics tell me that many readers look at the Lesson Outlines and I have to confess that the activities put up in the first three issues, though individually excellent, have lacked coherence. To remedy this I have asked Christine Frank, one of the best methodology thinkers in Germany, to offer us three exercises per issue till the end of the year. One pair of hands, one mind, 30 years experience in the field and an excellent choreographic intelligence.

There are many other things to infuriate and delight you in this issue.

Humanising Language Teaching wishes to congratulate Oxford ELT on the first anniversary of their webzine Spectrum. It was reading Spectrum last summer that gave us at Pilgrims the idea of putting up these screens you are now reading. Thank you for your pioneering , OUP, and to many more anniversaries!

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Mario Rivolucri, Editor.

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Humanising Language Teaching Conference