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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

Contributor's Guidelines

Major Articles

  1. Less is More: The Power of Constraints
    Alan Maley, UK
  2. Creativity for Change in Language Education
    Brian Tomlinson UK, Jane Arnold, Spain, Rod Bolitho, UK, Rod Ellis, New Zealand, Peter Lutzker, Germany), Alan Maley, UK, Hitomi Masuhara, UK, and Chaz Pugliese, France
  3. Performance: a Tool for Creative Teacher Development
    Luke Prodromou, Greece
  4. The Complementary Roles of Literature and Creative Writing in Foreign Language Learning
    Peter Lutzker, Germany
  5. Writing the Self: Creative Writing and the Search for Authenticity
    Jane Spiro, UK
  6. Creativity in the Classroom
    Andrew Wright, Hungary


  1. Why Do I Have to Go to School?
    found online
  2. Thinking Outside the Box
    found online
  3. How Misplaced Creativity Helped Me Quit Smoking
    Martin Eayrs, Patagonia

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Short Articles

  1. Storytelling and Creative Response Tasks
    David Heathfield, UK
  2. ‘From Genesis to Exodus: The Life Story of an Idea
    Tessa Woodward, UK
  3. Don’t Call the Police – They’re Not Important
    Danny Norrington-Davies, UK
  4. Unlearning ’Learnt Helplessness’
    Margit Szesztay, Hungary
  5. Creative Expressivism: A New Vision for Teaching Writing
    Samah Elbelazi, Libya and USA
  6. Bringing Creative, Critical and Compassionate Thinking into ELT
    Uwe Pohl and Margit Szesztay, Hungary
  7. Teaching with Miles Davis
    Chaz Pugliese, France and UK
  8. Creative Teachers for Creative Students: Creativity in the EFL Class of the Greek Primary State School
    Glikeria Selimi, Greece
CLELE Journal

Ideas from the Corpora

Corpus Fun and Games with Sporcle
Hanna Kryszewska and Paul Davis, Poland and UK

Lesson Outlines

  1. Creativity in the Classroom
    Andrew Wright, Hungary
  2. The English Speaking Body in the Empty Space: Using our Free Resources in a Resource-less Classroom
    Susan Hillyard, Argentina
  3. Blind Set-Ups
    Peter Levrai and Averil Bolster, Macau
  4. The Scents and Tastes of Reading and Writing
    Malu Sciamarelli, Brazil
  5. Creativity in Teacher Education
    Jill and Charlie Hadfield, New Zealand and UK

Student Voices

  1. Think ‘Creativity’: What Is It?
    collected and analysed by Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
  2. Clowning: A Way of Catching the Passing Moment
    Adrian Underhill, UK


  1. Short Book Reviews
    Hania Kryszewska, Poland
  2. Changing Methodologies in TESOL: The Author Interviews the Author
    Jane Spiro, UK

An Old Exercise

Adrian Tennant, UK

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims News

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

  1. Film in Action. Teaching language using moving images from the multi-award-winning DELTA Teacher Development Series
  2. New Title from DELTA Publishing: Heads Up 2. Spoken English for business
  3. New Title from DELTA Publishing: First (FCE) for Schools. Practise and Pass First for Schools - Preparation for Cambridge English
  4. Garnet Oracle Classics


  1. Three Poems
    Mallika Vasugi Govindarajoo, Malaysia
  2. Poems from Memory Lane
    Guðmundur Helgi Helgason, Iceland
  3. Words
    Alan Maley, UK

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