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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 1; January 2003
Year 5 Issue 1
January 2003

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A Definition of a humanistic Teacher's Attitude
Forbidden Words in Textbooks
Native speaking EFL Teachers as Language Learners
HLT as an Archive the diversity of SETH's Column
Introducing this Issue of HLT

Major Article

1. Where's the Treason in Translation? secondary +adult
David Owen, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

2. Using L.1 In the Classroom adult and secondary
In defense of L.1 in the classroom
Lindsay Clanfield and Duncan Foord, Barcelona, Spain
( Re-published from Issue 3 of it's for Teachers, with thanks)

3. A "Diglot Weave" Experience with EFL University Students Mixed Language Texts, ( primary, secondary and adult)
Carol J Bradley, Florence, Italy

4. How and Why EFL Activities evolve primary, sec +adult
Phil Dexter, Zagreb,Croatia, Rick Cooper, London,UK


Jokes from Vietnam
Jokes from Elsewhere

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Short Article

1. The Heart of the Matter general
How Gattegno influenced me
Lou Spaventa, California, US

2. The NLP Spelling Strategy primary, secondary, adult
Ruth Hamilton, UAE, Arabian-Iranian Gulf

republished from MET, Vol 12, No 1 Jan 2003.

3. Taking a Risk, or the intelligence in which I am less adept. general
Andrew Rinvolucri, Wales, UK

4. Drawing out the shape of a good lesson general
Elisabeth Adams, University of Jaen, Spain

5. "Belonging" in a time of transition general and ESL
A Hungarian incomer tells of his ESL experiences in Australia.
Peter Hegedus, Melbourne, Australia.

6.The FUNSONGS Approach primary and secondary
Charles Goodger, Italy.

7. Teachers learn Stage Presence and Poetry Speaking or: Eternity's Sunrise general
Robert McNeer, Italy.

Delta Publishing

Ideas from the Corpora

Would You Care to Re-phrase That, George?

Lesson Outlines

Ten Lesson Plans for Primary Language Teaching primary, but also secondary and adult
Henk van Oort, Netherlands.

100 Remarkable People upper secondary and adult
Caty Duykaerts, Uccle, Belgium

Visualising Sounds
Christiane Van Opdenbosch, Dutch teacher at IEPSCF, Belgium

Student Voices

Students Against Testing primary and secondary
A useful US site: www.nomoretests.com

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Review of Using the Mother Tongue
primary, secondary and adult
Sheelagh Deller and Mario Rinvolucri,
ETp-Delta, 2002.

An Old Exercise

David Cranmer and Clement Laroy, secondary +adult
Pilgrims-Longman, 1992

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Pilgrims Course Outline

What do our Teacher Training Courses achieve?
Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims, UK

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Readers' Letters

Nov 2002, Yr 4, Issue 6 , Emily Banks, Australia

Seth Column

Some differences between standard British and standard U.S. English

Teacher Resource Books Preview

NLP Exercises for EFL Students upper secondary and adult
Judy Baker

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