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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 6; Issue 1; January 2004
Year 6 Issue 1
January 2004
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  • Ten days of the best Training you'll get in Europe this year.
  • What's in this Issue of HLT?
  • When cruel politics overshadows attempts at Humanistic teaching: an experience of Israeli Occupation

  • Major Article

    1. The Learning School
    Article by Adrian Underhill, UK
    followed by Underhill- Rinvolucri dialogue

    2. Motivation: Towards a Methodology of Motivation
    Ian Tudor, Universite Libre, Brussels, Belgium

    3. A walk through the NLP Forest- or how NLP has modifed my teaching secondary
    Maria Cristina Diaz Spain

    4. EAP Writing: the Chinese challenge: new Ideas on Plagiarism Upper secondary adult
    John Lake, SOAS, London, UK


    Bob Monkhouse Jokes

    Short Article

    1. Analysing a successful Language Learning Experience secondary and adult
    Jane Arnold, University of Seville, Spain

    2. The Heart of the Matter
    What constitutes Common Knowledge? Or using Blackbirds in a Writing class
    upper secondary and adult
    Lou Spaventa, California, US

    3. 'Word Surfing' in organised vocabulary notebooks secondary and adult
    Will McCulloch, Germany

    4. The Twelve Senses
    Henk van Oort, Netherlands

    5. NLP: ' Welcome to the real World' primary secondary adult
    Teresa Marin Esteve

    6. Disempowerment in Palestine
    Eleanor Watts UK

    7. The School Book Club secondary and adult
    Sheena Macdonald, St Giles, Brighton, UK

    8. Becoming aware of Differences or Positive and Negative Cultures
    Rosie McAndrews, Embassy, Hastings, UK

    9. Two poems by a UK EFL Teacher
    the familiar

    by Paul Bress, Kent , UK

    10. Webheads in Action ( WiA): an online Community for Professional Development- from past to present
    Teresa Almeida d'Eca, Portugal.

    11. Using Origami in the language class
    Pascale Didierjean, Alsace,France

    Delta Publishing

    Ideas from the Corpora

    A Grammar of Style, or: Co-text in Context secondary and adult
    Grzegorz Spiewak, Poland

    Lesson Outlines

    1. Two More Puzzles Secondary and adult
    Marie Agrell, France

    2. Four Guided Fantasies Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims, UK

    Student Voices

    A summer at Pilgrims
    Marina Soroka, Canada


    21 Short notices re-published from The Teacher Trainer
    Year 17 Issues 2 and 3 www.tttjournal.co.uk

    An Old Exercise

    Listening to People; Chapter 3 of the CONFIDENCE BOOK Secondary and adult
    Paul Davis

    Pilgrims Course Outline

    What are you doing this Easter?
    Jim Wright, Director, Pilgrims Teacher Training

    Readers' Letters

    How I use HLT
    from Turkey: Susan Oniz and P. Gaye Tolunguc
    from Sweden: Martina W Johansson

    Teacher Resource Books Preview

    Six Kinaesthetic Beginner Exercises
    From A Book of New Activities
    primary, secondary and adult
    Judit Feher and Bonnie Tsai, USA

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    Pilgrims Summer Conference

    It's Pilgrims 30th Birthday in 2004 and to celebrate 30 years at the forefront of humanistic language teaching we're holding a unique event:

    Pilgrims 30th Anniversary Conference:

    Humanistic Teaching in the 21st Century

    August 22-28 University of Kent at Canterbury

    This is your chance to bring some of these pages to life and to see, hear and feel many of the ideas and techniques covered in HLT, as well as many new ideas.

    This is THE Humanistic event of 2004. You'll enjoy:

    • Five one hour plenary sessions by top ELT speakers
    • Three six hour workshop cycles
    • Three open seminars for all-important networking and debating
    • Lots of fun and interesting evening events

    You can find out more at:

    We're busy inviting top trainers and speakers for this conference (many of them contributors to these very pages) and will keep you informed as to who will be appearing over the next months.

    Places are filling already and the good news is that some particpants are receiving Comenius grants to attend!

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