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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

Contributor's Guidelines

Major Articles

  1. Issues affecting the Development of Bilingualism within Japan-Based Biracial Children
    Damian Rivers, Japan
  2. The Creative Self: Experiencing Literature through the Inward Eye
    Giovanna Zappu, Italy
  3. Choice Theory for Teachers
    Mojca Belak, Slovenia
  4. Strategies of Accommodating Mixed Ability Classes in EFL Settings: Teachers’ Armour in an Ongoing Battle
    Maria Xanthou and Pavlos Pavlou, Cyprus


Adding a New Wing
sent in by Gill Johnson, UK

A Message from Tessa Woodward
Call for Papers

Short Articles

  1. The Way of the Kabbalist
    Michael Berman, UK
  2. On Making Assumptions
    Bonnie Tsai, France
  3. Misconception Analysis
    Khoram Balaee, Iran
  4. Dance with your Students: Paradoxes for Change
    Chaz Pugliese, UK
  5. Developing English Proficiency and Intercultural Competence, Through English-language Websites
    Caroline C. Hwang, US
  6. Motivating Young Learners and Teenagers - From Research to the Classroom: A Few Ideas
    Roger O’Keeffe, Melilla
  7. The Teacher as a Leader: Which Qualities Make a Teacher a Leader in the Classroom?
    Anna Vilhanova with Beate Walter, Slovakia
  8. Do Teachers Speak the Same Language with the Students? It is Time to Tune in
    Evrim Üstünlüoğlu, Turkey
  9. Off the Beaten Path: Project Work
    Hall Houston, Hong Kong
  10. The Heart of the Matter: Talking to Students
    Lou Spaventa, US
esl teaching jobs

ESL Teaching Jobs

Ideas from the Corpora

Grammatical Creativity in Learner Corpora
Wayne Rimmer, Russia

Lesson Outlines

  1. Alphabet and Spelling Games
    Simon Mumford, Turkey
  2. Make Your Brain Hurt
    Marcin Wolańczuk, Poland
  3. An Integrated Lesson Plan
    Azra Ahmed, Pakistan
  4. Englishness and Other Problems
    Monica Hoogstad, UK
  5. Final Lesson: Chinese songs
    Jennifer Wallace, China

Student Voices

  1. A Teacher Never Stops Being a Student
    Georgeta Stoenescu – Galati, Romania
  2. Teaching English to Blind and Visually Impaired Pupils
    Anna Maria Aiazzi, Italy
  3. Case Study: Special Educational Needs Children in Mainstream Education in Poland
    Anna Hyzniak, Poland


  1. A Message from Tessa Woodward - the editor of TTTJ - The Teacher Trainer Journal
    Tessa Woodward, UK
  2. Doing EFL Terminology the Wiki Way or How to Create a Free, Democratic and Useful Resource
    Jeremy Harmer, UK
  3. Tick-Tack: A Novel Approach to Language Learning
    David Sephton, UK
  4. EUROCALL Review Recommends ESOL Teacher's Unique Website
    Susan Alyn, US
  5. New Headway Advanced Student’s Book
    reviewed by Neil McBeath, Saudi Arabia
  6. People will never forget how you make them feel
    David Warr, UK
  7. A Checklist for a Humanizing Approach to Language Teaching
    Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil

An Old Exercise

Story Skeletons
collected and written by John Morgan

Pilgrims Course Outline

  1. Our Three New Courses in 2008
    Mario Rinvolucri, UK
  2. My Pilgrims Memories
    Adam Borowski, Poland

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

A Touch of Culture
Gill Johnson and Mario Rinvolucri, UK


  1. Language Learning for Peace
    Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil
  2. So My Enemy
    Muhammad Iqbal, Pakistan

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