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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 3; May 2001

Pilgrims Course Outline

English for Teachers.

Do you teach a lot of lower level and intermediate classes? If so, do you feel that the limited range of structures and vocabulary aimed at this level restricts the development of your own English? Do the same old coursebook dialogues go round in your head like some unwanted echo? Or alternatively, are you going to move on to teach a higher level where the students' English is so good that you feel somehow threatened by their competence? Do you feel that you need to update your own knowledge of the language and to gain confidence in and practice of using English as a dynamic means of expression and communication? If the answers are "yes" to any or all of these questions the a Pilgrims English for Teachers course will be a fruitful and rewarding course for you.

Included in the many areas covered by the course are:-

  • effective use of English in the classroom for teaching purposes.
  • relevant changes in English structure and vocabulary.
  • learning relevant idioms.
  • practising English in meaningful, engaging and challenging activities.
  • listening to and deciphering different English accents.
  • reading and listening to authentic materials.
  • work on all areas of phonology in a practical way.

So what makes Pilgrims English for Teachers Courses so Special?

The course will be determined by the needs of the group through a comprehensive needs/wants analysis on the first day of the course. in short, the group is the core of the syllabus.

These courses are taught by a highly experienced team of language teachers /teacher trainers with wide ELT experience both home and abroad. They love language and they love teaching. You will benefit from their enthusiasm as they will be inspired by yours.

Although very much a language improvement course, your own teaching repertoire can only be enhanced through being involved in a whole series of exciting and innovative classroom activities.

Courses are divided into Intermediate+ and Upper Intermediate/Advanced level to cater for specific needs.

The key words for these courses are:
Involvement,engagement,inspiration,improved communication,increased confidence and enjoyment.

So when and where does this happen?

Here in the UK,from the beginning of July until the beginning of September, at the University of Kent.

For more information visit: www.pilgrims.co.uk or contact sales@pilgrims.co.uk

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