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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 2; Issue 5; September 2000

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 2 Issue 5
September 2000

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Welcome to the September 2000 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. "Telling Teaching"
Donald Freeman, Column Number 4, USA

2. "Stories and their importance in language teaching"
Andrew Wright, Hungary


Dialogue Jokes

Short Article

1. "Teacher in Search of a Metaphor (Part 2)"
Ana Robles ( HLT's Secondary Consultant ), Spain

2. "Awareness and Attention"
Simon Marshall, UK

3. "Being a Student changed my Teaching"
Eva Abascal, Spain

4. "Creative Vocabulary Teaching ( within the course book-led, secondary EFL classroom)"
Ian Reade, Brazil

5. "Mentoring in a Swiss Secondary School"
Christine Gabor, Switzerland

6. "Humanising University Studies through Creative Writing"
Franz Andres, University of Berne, Switzerland

7. "Education, Education, Education? What are our Children Learning?"
John Beresford, UK

Ideas from the Corpora

The Mike Rundell Column. No.13, UK

Lesson Outlines

1. Mapping the Environment ( introduction to lessons 2-5) Primary
Eleanor Watts, UK
2. Mapping a Table Primary
Eleanor Watts, UK
3. Mapping the Classroom Primary
Eleanor Watts, UK
4. Mapping the School Grounds Primary
Eleanor Watts, UK
5. Mapping an ideal town Primary
Eleanor Watts, UK
6. Language as a Ancient City ( after Wittgenstein) Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK
7. Vocabulary Classification Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK
8. Language Rules as Wittgensteinian Signposts Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK
9. Discussion on Nature of Truth Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK
10. Discussion on Models students measure themselves against Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK
11. The Written versus the Spoken word: Discussion Upper secondary and adult
Marcial Boo, Argentina and UK

Student Voices

Ways of belonging to a group- voices from Italy and Japan


Crying for Help- the No Blame Approach to Bullying
by George Robinson and Barbara Maines, Lucky Duck Publishing, 2000 < www.luckyduck.co.uk >

An Old Exercise

Five bloody good meals
Ron White, Reading University, UK

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims year-round international teacher training workshops

Readers' Letters
A French Poem from Italy and US thoughts from Sweden

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