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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 5; September 2001

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 3 Issue 4
September 2001

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Welcome to the September 2001 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. Humanising the Coursebook
Brian Tomlinson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

2. Give me mistakes!
Claire Oezel Thomas, METU, Turkey


On his deathbed
An advance booking
Disorder in Court
( a book of loony things said in Court)
The girl or the bike
A Greek car accident
( a Pontios joke )

Short Article

1.What makes me, as a very advanced speaker, feel different from a native.
Silvia Stephan, Germany

2. I feel free in a foreign language
Suzy Semenza, Italy

3. Ten Ways to satisfy your learners' brains
Jim Wingate, Wales

4. A Head Teacher talks to parents in school.
Christine Faerberboeck, Austria

5. Silent Way and getting low intermediate students to speak
Rosalyn Young, France

6. Making " Round Tables" less boring
Mario Rinvolucri, England.

7. What is an EFL teacher?
Mario Rinvolucri, England.

8. COURSEBOOKS: The roaring in the chimney
Scott Thornbury, Spain, Luke Meddings, UK.
( reprinted from MET, Vol 10, No 3. 2001

9. Dog walking v EFL
Joanne Webster, Italy

10. Ideas for warmers to stimulate the Interpersonal Intelligence
Debbie Smith, British Council, Sri Lanka.

Ideas from the Corpora

Cats, conversations, and metaphor

Lesson Outlines

Five Exercises for Primary-
Jump the Line, Phone Numbers, Number-Alphabet lottery, The Throne, Restaurant Game.

Anna Sofie Pedersen, Denmark.

Student Voices

An end-of-term letter- Japanese voice


Short book notices taken from The Teacher Trainer, 15/2

An Old Exercise

A Game of Parts from 10th Century AD Japan

Pilgrims Course Outline

From Language training to teacher training - a course to help bridge the divide

Readers' Letters

Teaching without Coursebooks
Angus Head, Spain

Seth Column

(Sometimes) Against the Grain
Total Physical Response for teaching Metaphorical Language.

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Multiple Intelligences in EFL
Herbert Puchta, Mario Rinvolucri

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