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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 5; September 2001

Student Voices

End-of-term letter from Minori ( Japan)

Dear Teacher,

I can't believe that letter would be the last letter to you. If I think so, I have mass of things which I want to tell you, but it's really difficult to write , because lots of thinkings come out in my head one after another, so first of all I'll think about this three months.

This course is most important and pretty worthy course for me. I studied harder than before I did and I have been learning a great deal by writing letters.

At the beginning of this course I felt troublesome to write a letter, honestly, but I gradually became fond of it and enjoyed myself and now I fairly don't want to stop writing to you. I also enjoyed our lessons, the class and the classmates. We always have a laugh in our class, it never stops, I think our class is really excellent and marvellous. That's why I feel this course is really short, as if it is only one month.

I'd like to say to you one thing before you has gone to Frankfult " I enormously thank you for teaching me properly, Thanks to you, I become to like English more than ever." Now I pretty appreciate learning new things which I have not known yet in English. I hope we will be able to see each other in next term.

Well, now I want to tell you about my CCSE exam. It all finished in this afternoon. I've done four parts of it. It was so difficult for me. In speaking I couldn't do my best, I wasn't able to speak enough and in writing + reading parts I hadn't had plenty of time. In listening I couldn't hear well. I was a little disappointed about it, but the exam had already finished, so I'm happy at the moment.

From tomorrow I have another exam, FCE., maybe I'll be able to hold out with another feeling. I know the exam depend on me. I'll do my best, so please give me your luck!!

Lots of love….


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