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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 4; Issue 5; September 2002
Year 4 Issue 5
September 2002

Humanistic thinking 1910-40
Welcome to the new issue
Brilliant Adriatic conference

Major Article

1. Insecurity and the Negative Leader
Polarisation and Projection in a high-level Course
Janet Braithwaite, UK

2. Come Dancing
Meetings with remarkable Teachers
Gerry Kenny, France

3. NLP: if it works, use it…or is there Censorship around?
Tony Harris, University of Granada, Spain

4. The Sample Approach: Teaching Writing with Cambridge Exam Classes
Nigel Harwood, Christchurch University College, UK

5. Multiple Intelligences : setting the record straight
By Chaz Pugliese, Paris


Three Jokes from Greece
Two from Vietnam

Short Article

1. The fundamental Hypotheses of Language Psychodramaturgy
Bernard Dufeu, Germany

2. The Heart of the Matter
The Lou Spaventa column No 4, USA

3. "Thinking Questions"
Third World Famine and EFL Learning

David McAuley, Laos

4. Respect for the Students' Mother Tongue
Simon Marshall, UK

5. English as A magic Wand
Jungkang Kim, South Korea

6. Are Teachers of persecuted Languages the World's top Language teachers?
Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims, UK

7. Better Teaching through self-coaching
Paul Bress, UK.

8. Creative Writing at Pilgrims Summer School (August 2002 )
Bonnie Tsai, Toulouse, France.

Ideas from the Corpora

Oh, Whatd'you m'call it?- coping Language
Steven Proctor, Poland

Lesson Outlines

" Luxemburg Exercises "

1. From visual Focus to Writing secondary and adult
Viviane Hansen

2. Translating Jabberwocky upper secondary and adult
Viviane Hansen

3. Writing what the author left out secondary and adult
Anne Marie Reuter

4. Associations with Colours secondary and adult
Annette Schroeder

5. Correcting Mistakes primary, secondary and adult

Student Voices

How a Student's View of a Teacher can change
Olga Roznickova, Czech Republic


Brief Reviews of 17 Titles
re-published from The Teacher Trainer,
Year 16 Issue 2

An Old Exercise

Two-in-One Stories
from Challenge to Think, Berer et al., Oxford, 1982.

Pilgrims Course Outline

Summer 2003 Teacher Training Courses
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

Readers' Letters

The Anxiety of using Techniques learnt in a Teacher Training Workshop
Avril Collins, Clermont Ferrand, France

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain
A few things we need to know in order to understand headlines

Teacher Resource Books Preview

From Advanced to Native

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