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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching

Letter 1

Dear Hania,

I wish you all the best in your profession and thank you for all your contribution to English language teaching. You have helped many teachers to share ideas and to make their voices heard.

With thanks.
Phuong Le (from Vietnam)

Letter 2

From Research to Action – Using Articles to Inform Practice

In his second post of the series about research in the classroom, David Dodgson highlights how two Modern English Teacher articles informed his approach to introducing mobile devices with his teenage learners.

We hope you enjoy reading David’s blog and we’d love to hear your thoughts about using research in the classroom. Please share your comments at the end of David’s blog!

Read the Blogpost

Letter 3


I am a representative of Preply, an international educational service. Preply is a new platform for tutors, pupils, and people willing to receive qualified help in learning any subject. Preply provides both local lessons and lessons by Skype.

This way of studying is helpful for people from distant locations and small cities to get best quality education in a wide range of subjects.

We are interested in cooperation with you. Our users always ask about additional sources of knowledge. In our turn, we recommend our partners -

I am sure that our cooperation will be productive, please tell if you could add our link or banner on your site.

With best regards,

Glen Allard
Region Manager, Preply

Letter 4

Your weekly ELT newsletter

Take control of your professional development withMyCPD, the new online tracker from ETp

We are delighted to introduce MyCPD - the new online professional development tracker from English Teaching professional.

MyCPD is a digital tool that tracks the reading, research and reflection you’re doing both from within our magazine content and also from outside of our publications. We’re offering MyCPD for free with ETpsubscriptions, so if you’re a subscriber you can get started with MyCPD straightaway.

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Letter 5

Hello there –

I have just uploaded a new video activity on Lessonstream titled Googly Eyes. In the activity, students practice look and look like structures. I think you’ll like it.

Click here to see the activity on Lessonstream

Jamie :)

Letter 6

Bringing Research To Your Classroom

In his first post as Modern English Teacher resident blogger, David Dodgson considers how we can make use of research as part of our development. He looks at barriers to using research, how to overcome them and how to make research part of our CPD.

We hope you enjoy reading David’s blog and we’d love to hear your thoughts about using research in the classroom. Why not share your comments at the end of David’s blog?

Read the Blogpost

Letter 7


The Dark in the Box

A new, engaging story to help you address emotions with young learners.

Sense and Sensibility

Get ideas to discuss and read Jane Austen's classic, Sense and Sensibility in your class.
Our third reader by Austen will be available this month in a new design and format plus new exciting features.


Sail the seven seas with our buccaneer-based stories and lesson tips. Then organise a theme reading lesson or book club event!

Letter 8

October's Teaching Tip

October's Teaching Tip comes from Lindsay Warwick - teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. Lindsay’s tip is about how to do questioning in the classroom well.

Watch Lindsay's Tip

Letter 9

Using tasks in a Communicative Language Teaching classroom

In a continuation from her last post, Chia Suan Chong explores how CLT and the use of tasks can increase interaction in the classroom and considers an evaluation criteria for choosing tasks.

Read the Blogpost

Letter 10


by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist and TESOLer . President of the Board, ABA Global Education, Recife,Brazil

Dear language teacher, your language teaching is humanized when you

  1. describe your educational actions dignifyingly,respectfully,.For example, rather than saying " I have my students do this or that " you humanizingly say "I ask them to ....". You avoid stating "I force my class to engage in ...".Instead you would humanizing your statement by saying "I encourage my class to engage in ...."
  2. assess your students` performance fairly, by describing the evaluation system to be used and by stating language learners´ rights as examinees/testees
  3. ensure your learners of their right to choose among learning strategies (to achieve specific goals ) and learning resources,especially of a technological nature.
  4. help your students acquire and organize a set of POSITIVIZERS (nouns,verbs,adjectives,adverbs) to use in appropriate contexts.
    Examples of positivizing Nouns: friendship, dignity, hope, trust . Positivizing verbs : empower, enhance,inspire,sustain (environment) . Positizing adjectives: committed, constructive, creative, hardworking , Positivizing adverbs : carefully, strongly,thoughtfully
  5. inspire your students to build and sustain a peaceful global view,tghus becoming co-responsible global citizens

Please add to the above list and justify your contribution(s). Above all, enjoy carrying out your important mission as a humanizing language educator.

Letter 11

Good Afternoon

I'm sorry to come 'out-of-the-blue,' but we're in the middle of launching a new poetry press and magazine and rather cheekily I was hoping that you wouldn't mind sharing details of our 'call for submissions' among your Writers' Group members?

The magazine is to launch in February 2018, and will be called 'A Restricted View From Under The Hedge', and we have quite catholic taste, so there are no restrictions in terms of the form or topic or indeed the line count.

Submissions are obviously free, need to be made on-line at our web site, and whilst at the moment we can't promise payment, although hopefully in the future we may be able to, everybody who has work featured in the magazine will of course get a copy with our compliments.

I will apologise again for getting in touch 'on spec', but hopefully what we are planning will be of interest to you and your members.

Warmest regards

Mark Davidson

The Hedgehog Poetry Press


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