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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 4; July 2001

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 3 Issue 4
July 2001

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Welcome to the July 2001 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. The Limits of Humanistic Practice
secondary and general
Interview with Katie Plumb, UK


Three one-liners
Absolutely Certain
Spelling can be important

Short Article

1. Tear the Walls down secondary and general
How to deal with negative students
Inger Fong, Sweden.

2. Key Pictures from the school I used to teach in general
Karin Hesselink, Netherlands

3. Our Classbook secondary and general
Svetlana Mintschenko, London

Ideas from the Corpora

My one's bigger than your one

Lesson Outlines

1. It's all your fault secondary and adult
Chris Sion, Netherlands

2. Hiding Words secondary and adult
John Morgan, UK.

3. Marginalia secondary and adult
John Morgan, UK

4. OHP Lists primary, secondary and adult
John Morgan, UK

5. Definitions Dictation secondary and adult
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

6. Stealing Phrases from the Idiolects of Others secondary and adult
Mario Rinvolucri UK

Student Voices

Voice of a trainee on an NLP course


The Magic of Metaphor, 77 stories for Teachers, Trainers and Thinkers
Nick Owen, Crown House Publishing, 2001

Knowing me. Knowing you
Jim Wingate, ETp-Delta, 2000

An Old Exercise

Composition Editing
The Apprentice Poet
Some Thoughts on " the Instructor".

Taken from ABC of Reading, by Ezra Pound.

Pilgrims Course Outline

Options and choices on the Pilgrims summer teacher training programme.

Readers' Letters

How I read HLT

Seth Column

More about Spatial Prepositions

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Talking from Experience
Language Activities drawn from NLP

Judy Baker,

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