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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 4; July 03
Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 4
July 03

Major Article

1. Developing Materials to develop yourself
Brian Tomlinson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

2. Skehan's proposal for task design in Task-based Learning/Teaching
Seth Lindstromberg, Hilderstone College, UK


A Miscellany of Jokes

Short Article

1. Hazards of Using humanistic Techniques in a War-stricken Country Teenage and adult
Visnja Grgicevic and Visnja Makek, Croatia

2. Brain-clever word choice, or the opposite of Mistakes, adult
Tessa Woodward

3. The Heart of the Matter- Gender in Teaching
Lou Spaventa, California

4. Websites worth watching primary
Debbie Candy, UK

5. ELTeCS- English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme
Zsazsa Kuti, editor ELTeCS Europe, Hungary

6. Teaching online adult
Tiziana Arnoldi

7. Bi-lingual Story Telling pre-primary
Ligia Maria and Sandie Mourao

8. The Misunderstood Child, seen through a " Multiple Intelligences" Lens primary, secondary and adult
Sandra Piai, St Andrews University, Scotland

Ideas from the Corpora

Stealing from Natives
Mario Rinvolucri., UK
( Michael Rundell is snowed under- he'll be back with us in September)

Lesson Outlines

28 Exercises for Primary some for secondary?
Henk van Oort, Netherlands

Student Voices

Struggling In French
Beate, Germany.

Suggestopedia Teacher Training with Lonny Gold
Dates: 11-15 August
15-19 September
Place: Mannaminna, N. Sweden
For details: go to www.lonnygold.com lonny@intouch.nl


Short book notices from The Teacher Trainer www.tttjournal.co.uk

An Old Exercise

Vocabulary exercises from the early 80's
John Morgan, UK

Pilgrims Course Outline

Our International Workshops
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

Readers' Letters

1. Sars in Hongkong
Jane Lockwood, Hongkong

2. Derided for using successful NLP techniques
Elisabeth Smith, Mexico.

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain
Generic v specific spatial Prepositions

Under v beneath, underneath, below
Seth Lindstromberg, UK

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Exercises created for 2004 edition of Vocabulary, Morgan et al, OUP
The following exercises were excess to requirements:
Translation game
Which Eng Words have 1-to-1 Equivalents
in yr Language?
Dating Words
History of Six words
Word History

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