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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

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Major Articles

  1. The Impact of English Autonomously: Students‘ Perceptions
    Lenka Zouhar Ludvíková, Czech Republic
  2. Videoconferencing in English for Law Courses: Cooperation and Politeness Principles Revisited
    Alena Hradilová, Czech Republic
  3. Graves in Practice: Innovating the English for Laboratory Technicians Course at Masaryk University
    Ladislav Václavík, Czech Republic
  4. The Possible Selves in a Global Coursebook
    Jana Kubrická, Czech Republic


To Laugh or not to Laugh...
Silvie Bilková, Czech Republic

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Short Articles

  1. Collaborative, Content & Language Integrated, and Problem-Based Learning of English: Development and Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Language Course for Science Students
    Robert Helán, Hana Němcová and Markéta Kovaříková, Czech Republic
  2. From the Classroom and Back: How to Engage your Students in Language Learning When the Lesson Is Over
    Radim Herout, Czech Republic
  3. Presentation Abstracts as a Tool for Student Motivation in ESP Classes
    Barbora Chovancová and Štěpánka Bilová, Czech Republic
  4. 5 Reasons to Use Literature in (English) Language Classes (of any Level)
    Martina Šindelářová Skupeňová, Czech Republic
  5. Humanizing Teaching and Learning with an Expert Help
    Eva Čoupková and Vojtěch Kejzlar, Czech Republic
  6. Latin as a Language for Specific Purposes: Its Development and Current Trends
    Jozefa Artimová and Libor Švanda, Czech Republic
CLELE Journal

Ideas from the Corpora

It's All About Data: Students of Science Meet Language as Data and Gain a Skill for Life
James Thomas, Czech Republic

Lesson Outlines

  1. Can You Outsmart Your Smarts?
    Eva Trumpešová-Rudolfová, Czech Republic
  2. Flying Eggs
    Libor Štěpánek, Czech Republic
  3. Photo Law Stories: Civil and Criminal Procedure Vocabulary Practice
    Štěpánka Bilová, Radmila Doupovcová and Barbora Chovancová, Czech Republic
  4. Animalising Language Teaching
    Jitka Žváčková, Czech Republic
  5. Getting Everyone´s Feet Wet in an ESP/EAP Course
    Radomíra Bednářová and Jana Kubrická, Czech Republic
  6. Series of Micro-tasks Leading to a Successful Academic Presentation and Formal Summary
    Hana Katrňáková, Czech Republic

Student Voices

Discoveries on Learning English Differently
Eva Trumpešová-Rudolfová, Czech Republic


  1. ETP Publications
  2. Short Book Reviews
    Hanna Kryszewska, Poland

An Old Exercise

  1. Getting to Know Each Other: Icebreakers in ESP (or Elsewhere)
    Štěpánka Bilová, Radmila Doupovcová, Barbora Chovancová and Hana Němcová, Czech Republic
  2. Curious Animal Law Stories: Criminal Procedure Vocabulary Practice
    Veronika de Azevedo Camacho, Czech Republic
  3. The Image and Political Caricature in a French for Lawyers Classroom
    Kateřina Sedláčková, Czech Republic
  4. How to Deal with Technical Terminology in the Course of English for Laboratory Technicians
    Ladislav Václavík, Czech Republic
  5. Making Studying Smarter
    Monika Ševečková, Czech Republic
  6. Taboo Words: Practice Definitions and Defining
    Eva Čoupková, Czech Republic

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims News

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

  1. The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell
    reviewed by Eva Trumpešová-Rudolfová, Czech Republic
  2. New Books from Routledge


Five-minute Poetry, by anonymous students of English Based on Literary Texts Course taught at Masaryk University Language Centre

C for Creativity

  1. Storytelling Students: Creating a Virtuous Cycle
    David Heathfield, UK
  2. C Group Blog Post
    Alan Maley, UK

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