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Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching
Humanising Language Teaching


Introducing this issue of HLT Magazine

Contributor's Guidelines

Major Articles

  1. Earl Stevick (1923-2013)
    contributions by Alan Maley, Tim Murphey, William Acton, Lou Spaventa, Bonnie Tsai, Carolyn Kristjánsson, Nick Bilbrough, Marti Anderson, James W. Brown, Kathleen Graves, Donald Freeman, and Adam Simpson
  2. Teachers’ Feedback on EFL Students’ Writings: A Linguistic or Life Syllabus Perspective
    Reza Pishghadam, Reza Zabihi and Momene Ghadiri, Iran
  3. Balancing Act: Helping English Language Learners Navigate the World of Standardized Tests and Academic Language. A Case Study
    Stephanie Gugliemo Lynch, the USA
  4. Empowerment in the Classroom: Enabling Students to Maintain Motivation
    Alice Svendson, Japan
  5. The Autonomous Language Learner at Work
    Feride Hekimgil, Turkey
  6. Assessing English Language Teacher’s Creativity Quotient
    Albert P’Rayan, India


Two Little Anecdotes
Gonzalo E. Troncoso, Chile

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Short Articles

  1. Reflections on the use of Drama activities and Theatrical Practices in the Classroom, as a Means to Teach and Learn L2
    Natalia Alejandra Sanchez Munoz, Luxembourg and Chile
  2. Developing Phonological Awareness in Young Learners
    Cindy Chia-Hui Shen, Taiwan
  3. The Challenge of Motivating Japanese Students to Express Themselves Unreservedly in English Communication
    Shigetoshi Mori, Japan
  4. Listening as a Language Skill
    Consuela Popa, Romania
  5. Effective Use of Multi-faceted Video Feedback for ESL Speech/Presentation Course
    Tom Wilhelm, Macau, China
  6. Building Rapport with Weaker Learners through Classroom Testing
    Ilana Salem, Israel
  7. Reflections on Effective Teaching and Danielson’s Framework
    Ebru Mccallum, Turkey
  8. Adjusting the ELT Class to a Therapy Session
    Saeed Ketabi and Reza Zabihi, Iran
  9. The TEFL`s Screw
    Robin Usher, Hungary
esl teaching jobs

ESL Teaching Jobs

Ideas from the Corpora

A Model of Second Language Acquisition Based on Chunks
Manjula Duraiswamy, India

Lesson Outlines

  1. Catering for Learner Differences in ELT: MI, VAK and Other
    Carolina Clerici, Argentina
  2. Fun for Everyone!
    Simon Mumford, Turkey
  3. Art for English Language Learning: Introducing the Work of Japan’s Chihiro Iwasaki
    James W. Porcaro, Japan
  4. Silverware, Utensils and 40 Prepositions
    Aleksandra Zaparucha, Poland
  5. Effective Vocabulary Revision
    Weronika Sałandyk, Poland
  6. Series of Worksheets for A Picture by Clive Duncan
    Kristina Leitner and Andrew Milne-Skinner, Austria
  7. Practical Teacher Training Session: Exploring Roles as a Teacher
    Sezgi Yalın, North Cyprus

Student Voices

Questionnaire on Learning English as a Foreign Language
Hanna Kryszewska, Poland


  1. Thinking about Language Teaching. Selected articles 1982-2011 by Michael Swan
    reviewed by Kerry Mullan, Australia
  2. Short Book Reviews
    Hanna Kryszewska, Poland
  3. Three New Readers from Macmillan
    reviewed by Neil McBeath, Oman
  4. Teaching in Pursuit of WOW! by Tim Murphey
    reviewed by Nick Michelioudakis, Greece

An Old Exercise

Relative Clauses and PPP
Neli Kukhaleishvili , Georgia

Pilgrims Course Outline

  1. Pilgrims News
  2. NLP: An Investment or a Fee
    Michael Berman, UK

Readers Letters

Teacher Resource Books Review

Storytelling: A Cultural Exchange
Adam Cholong Ohiri Aham, South Sudan and David Heathfield, UK


Two Poems
Francisco Gomes de Matos, Brazil

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