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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 2; March 2001

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 3 Issue 2
March 2001

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Welcome to the March 2001 edition of the Pilgrims Internet magazine

Major Article

1. Metaphorical Intelligence and Foreign Language Learning
Jeannette Littlemore, University of Birmingham, UK

2. Talking in the Corridor
Changing the school, not just the individual

Ana Robles, HLT's Secondary Consultant, Lugo, Spain.

3. " A Fight can be a Celebration"
Linguistic confusion, discordant temperament and dramatic resolution on a week-end course

Janet Braithwaite, UK


Two Jokes from China and a letter from a doting mother

Short Article

1. Yakity-yak (please talk back)
" Is it right to say that I have a severe knowledge of English?"

- Anonymous Nepalese teacher of English
Teaching English in Nepal
Chris Sowton

2. Hyper-Active Students- or using hypertext in class
Dierk Andresen, Germany

3. Musings on "Guilt"
Angi Malderez, Leeds University, UK

4. Going Off-line with the Chat Room
Alice Svendson, Japan

5. Not Putting Myself Down
Linda Bawcom, Madrid, Spain

6. Pleasures and Regrets
Running an EFL Support Unit in a UK private Boarding School


7. Puppets in Primary Denise Ozdeniz, Longman, Turkey

Ideas from the Corpora

Mike Rundell Column
postponed till May Issue of HLT

Lesson Outlines

1. Interview in a mirror (secondary and adult)
Chris Sion, Holland

2. Vocabulary Revision Techniques (all ages)
Teachers from the English Dept of l'Ecole
Nationale Superieure de Telecommunications
de Bretagne, France.

3. Activities round a Group Picture (primary, secondary and adult)
Teachers at l'Ecole Active Bilingue
Jeannine Manuel, Paris www.eabjm.com

Student Voices

Turkish Voices: pre-school ones
collected by Denise Ozdeniz, Longman, Turkey


Read My Lips-
A treasury of things politicians wish they hadn't said.

Matthew Parris and Phil Mason, Penguin 1997

Poetry as a Foreign Language
EFL Poetry Anthology

edited by Martin Bates, White Adder Press, 1999

An Old Exercise

The Group Dream and other exercises from Maley and Duff's Drama Techniques in Language Learning,
Cambridge, 1978. Secondary and adult

Pilgrims Course Outline

Our Children's Courses

Readers' Letters

Letters from Poland and S. Africa.

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Humanising your Coursebook,
Mario Rinvolucri, ( secondary and adult)

Seth Column

Using Film Transcripts

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