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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 4; Issue 2; March 2002
Year 4 Issue 2
March 2002

Of secret capitalist corpora…
Of the Portonovo Humanistic Conference
Of HLT improvements and of this issue
Of a web-site for language teachers in Mid-Atlantic

Major Article

1. Exploring Context: localness and the role of Ethnography
Ian Tudor, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

2. An in-house Training Session on the Use of Songs
adult secondary
Y.L.Teresa Ting, University of Calabria, Italy

3. The Language Coach Language Teaching ideas from Sports Coaching
Steve Schuyler, Epinal, France

4. Using sentences for grammar practice: raising the importance of equal opportunities
Gerard Paul Sharpling


Drawing Conclusions sent in by Jean Yeomans, UK

Short Article

1. The Heart of the Matter- A new Column
Lou Spaventa, SIT, Vermont, USA

2. Thoughts on Trances in Teacher Training
Suzanne Antonaros, Greece

3. Classroom management primary secondary adult
Maite Galan and Tom Maguire, Spain

4. Italian for humanistic Students ( UK) adult
Or being naughty in Italian
Or liberation in Italian

G. Fazio, UK

5. " But in my language it's…." secondary adult
The Way meaning can block Grammar
Rosanna Varuzza, Italy

6. You say "tomato", I say: " Lypersicon"
Or Bullshit in MA EFL Writing

Abigail Acton, Belgium

7. Project on World Conflict: in search of a methodology upper Secondary adult
David Cranmer, Lisbon, Portugal

8. Deduction versus Induction in EFL Teaching
Melanie Butler, Editor EL Gazette, London UK.

Ideas from the Corpora

Apology note
Michael Rundell

Lesson Outlines

1. Using Rembrandt Self-portraits secondary adult
Herbert Puchta, Austria

2. From Declarative to Interrogative to Negative secondary adult
Mario Rinvolucri, UK

3. New Versions of " Simon Says" primary, secondary and adult
Isobel Williams, Germany

Student Voices

Evaluation of this mag, HLT
Martina Miessgang, student from Innsbruck, Austria


Motivational Strategies in the classroom
Zoltan Dornyei, CUP, 2001

Humanising your Coursebook
Mario Rinvolucri, ETp-Delta, 2002

An Old Exercise

20 Exercises from The Confidence Book secondary adult
Davis et al., Pilgrims-Longman, 1990

Pilgrims Course Outline

Why Pilgrims Teacher Training Courses are better.
Mario Rinvolucri

Readers' Letters

1. A view of the writing process
Abigail Action, Belgium

2. Time and the Writing Process
Birgit Winkler

3. Response to Kellogg's Letter ( Jan 2002) about Maley's Article in Nov 2001.
Alan Maley

4. HLT Editor owes Kellogg an apology
Brian Perkins

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain
Chalkboards versus computers in the language Classroom

Seth Lindstromberg

Teacher Resource Books Preview

6 exercises from
Multiple Intelligences in EFL
secondary adult
Herbert Puchta and Mario Rinvolucri

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