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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 2; March 2003
Year 5 Issue 2
March 2003

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The first HLT-Pilgrims TT Course: Grammar and Correction

Tutors: Michael Rundell, Sheelagh Deller, Seth Lindstromberg and Mario Rinvolucri, all HLT writers
Dates: Sept 1st-5th 2003 in Canterbury UK.

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The UK SEAL Conference June 20-22nd, 2003
Middle-Europe SEAL Conference, June 6th – 9th
The HLT-Pilgrims September TT Course
Thoughts about this Issue of HLT

Major Article

1. My Good-bye to the Lexical Approach
Seth Lindstromberg, UK. ain

2. Why I won't say good-bye to the Lexical Approach
Hanna Kryszewska, B. Council, University of Gdansk, Poland.

3. What can Creative Writing do for Teachers?
adult and secondary
Franz Andres Morrissey, University of Berne, Switzerland

4. Text Attack- Taking the text beyond the Page
secondary and adult
Marijana Vucic, Helga Kraljik, Nine Vukovic, Croatian Military Academy, Zagreb

5. Speak Easy How to ease Students into oral Production
secondary and adult
Jane Arnold, University of Seville, Spain.
( this a modified version of a paper presented at the III Jornadas de Metodologia de la Llengua Anglesa, Universitat Jaime 1, in Nov 2001.)

6. How and Why EFL Activities Evolve 2
Compiled by Phil Dexter and Richard Cooper


Skunk and other shorties.

Short Article

1. Breaking the Chains of Planning general
Penelope Williams, edited by Miles George

2. Modelling Rita. The story of a skilful language learner general
Henk van Oort, Netherlands

3. The Burden of Over-correction secondary
Virginio Gracci, Venice, Italy

4. The "SUCCESS EXPERIENCE" in Language Learning secondary and adult
Patrick Henry, CEL/CCI, Clermont Ferrand, France

5. Self-esteem- a matter of everyday doing primary, ( by extension also secondary and adult)
Juan Uribe, Brasil.

6. How to stop Students " Tense-jumping" NLP timelines and verb tenses in English secondary and adult
Ana Robles, Galicia, Spain.

7. Thoughts addressed to Students from Before adult and general
Cecile Marit, Belgium

8. Ways of helping Test-takers cope with Anxiety, Fear and Panic secondary and adult
Michele Lambert, London, UK

Delta Publishing

Ideas from the Corpora

Unnatural language processing

Lesson Outlines

Chunking for Beginners ( Lexical Approach) Seven Recipes secondary and adult
Paul Davis, UK and Poland
Hanna Kryszewska

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Student Voices

A Student-centred Language Course…. no Cou/oa/rsebook…. adult

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16 short reviews from The Teacher Trainer

An Old Exercise

Musical Activities secondary and adult
David Cranmer, Portugal and Clement Laroy,Belgium
from: Musical Openings, Pilgrims-Longman.

Pilgrims Course Outline

Pilgrims Summer Courses for 8-17 year olds

Win a free. 2 week TT course by sending 3 students.
See details at the end of the article.

Readers' Letters

Letter to Seth Lindstromberg
US versus UK English

Seth Column

Making sense of approach, method and a few neighboring terms.

Teacher Resource Books Preview

A Baker's Dozen of Miscellaneous Activities for Mid-teens up. Secondary
Seth Lindstromberg , UK

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