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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 3; Issue 6; November 2001

Humanising Language Teaching


Year 3 Issue 6
November 2001

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Humanising Language Teaching beyond the comfy confines of the Rich World
Aynsley Moore, Durham, UK

Major Article

1. Listening to ourselves
Peter Grundy, Durham University, UK

2. Metaphor, Language, Learning and Affect
Randal Holme, Language Centre, University Of Durham, UK

3. The Bridging Strategy: active Use of Learners' L1 in L2 learning
Isamu Murakami, Durham University, UK

4. The Teaching of English in difficult Circumstances: who needs a Health Farm when they are starving?
Alan Maley, Thailand


English in Europe

Short Article

1. English and the World's Languages
Robert Phillipson, Denmark

2. Hobbies of a Ha Tinh Hermit- What it's really like to be a VSO volunteer
Bryony Fuller

3. Diary of a Week teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Anne Cullen, Gateshead, UK

Ideas from the Corpora

Whose Language is it anyway?
Jussi Ojajarvi , University of Tampere, Finland

Lesson Outlines

The Classroom Detective
Secondary and adult, Edward Harrison, Madrid, Spain

Student Centred Project Work
Secondary and adult, Jean Crocker,UK

Student Voices

An Arabic Voice
Mohammed AL-Dainy, Durham University, UK


Personalising Language Learning
Griff Griffiths. Kathy Keohane, CUP , 2000
Reviewed by Julie King, Univ Lang Centre, Durham UK.

An Old Exercise

Story-telling , secondary and adult
Aynsley Moore, Durham, UK

Pilgrims Course Outline

Thinking about Linguistics?
Think about Durham!

Readers' Letters

Coaxing People to Read
Sheila Levy, UK

Why are the Coursebooks so bad?
Julian Sefton, Hungary

Seth Column

Held over until January 2002 Issue

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Volunteer Tales- an anthology of overseas Experiences.
Savita and Helen (editors)

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