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Humanising Language Teaching
Year 5; Issue 3; May 2003
Year 5; Issue 3
May 2003

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The first HLT-Pilgrims TT Course: Grammar and Correction

Tutors: Michael Rundell, Sheelagh Deller, Seth Lindstromberg and Mario Rinvolucri, all HLT writers
Dates: Sept 1st-5th 2003 in Canterbury UK.

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The September Grammar Course
What's in the May 2003 issue?

Major Article

1. China's official English: the curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools since 1949
Bob Adamson, Brisbane, Australia

2. A Canadian, learning NLP, comes to terms with Japanese Values
Joyce Cunningham, Japan

3. Hyper-reading, Hyper-writing: explorations in non-linear Literacy Secondary and adult
Claudia Ferradas Moi, Argentina

4. Let there be you. Let there be me: Gender balance in ELT materials - Report on a MATSDA workshop
Tessa Woodward, editor of our sister journal, The Teacher Trainer


A Miscellany

Short Article

1. The Heart of the Matter US Educational Models
Lou, Spaventa, California, USA

2. A short Rant- On being a foreign teacher in China
Daniela Cammack , China

3. The Art of Listening
Arthur Sackrule, Italy

4. Writing Autobiographies to enhance the Learner's Self-esteem secondary and adult
Dr M.N.K. Bose, Republic of Yemen

5. Self-Correction in Language Learning secondary and adult
Galina Kavaliauskiene, Lithuania

6. Learning to edit secondary and adult
Miquel Angel Castillo, Catalunya, Spain.

7. Intuitive Teaching Processes in Primary primary, secondary and adult
Henk van Oort, Netherlands

8. Four Principles of effective Teaching primary, secondary and adult
Chaz Pugliese, France

9. Paying real Attention to Students primary, secondary and adult
Karin Blauensteiner, Austria

10. Computer
Sophie Rinvolucri

Delta Publishing

Ideas from the Corpora

1. Cut out the middleman: how to do it yourself with corpora
Michael Rundell

2. How to use CDRom Dictionaries to learn things you never realised you knew
Patrick Gillard, CUP, UK

Lesson Outlines

1. Intensive Question Practice secondary + adult
Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims, UK

2. Funny things Sports Commentators say secondary and adult
Mario Rinvolucri

3. Personalising Dictionary Searches secondary and adult
Mario Rinvolucri,

4. Wind Power secondary and adult
Marta Genis, Spain

5. The tropical Forest secondary and adult
Miranda Friel, Spain

Student Voices

Students write about themselves as Writers


Just Right secondary and adult
Jeremy Harmer, Marshall Cavendish, Sept 2003
( or How I found a new, adventurous Publisher)

Learner Autonomy secondary and adult
Agota Scharle and Anita Szabo,
Cambridge, 2000

Mindgame ( CDrom) primary, secondary and adult
Fletcher, Rinvolucri, Tam Kwok Sang, Mitchell, Stokes Clarity, 2000.
Use of the CD by students reviewed by Jackie Williamson, Lexis School, Spain

Working with Wisdom Tales ( 2 Vols)
Michael Berman primary, secondary and adult

Language Gardening secondary and adult
David Warr, UK

An Old Exercise

A.R. Orage/Gurdjieff Exercises
from: On Love and Psychological Exercises
Orage, Weiser, 1998 primary, secondary, adult

Pilgrims Course Outline

Drama in EFL
Teaching Other Subjects through English
Skills of Teacher Training

Readers' Letters

Appreciation and Request for Research Help
Jamie Douglas, Chenddu, China

How to fit humanistic Thought into an academically approved M.A. Frame
Inga Krastina, Latvia

Fear of Language Mistakes
Elisabetta Valente, Italy

Seth Column

Sometimes against the Grain Collocations and Associations: examples of teaching Vocabulary at Phrase Level
Seth Lindstromberg, Kent, UK

Teacher Resource Books Preview

Advanced and Beyond upper sec+adult
Marshall. Morgan and Rinvolucri
1. Compliments and Corrections
2. Individualising Correction
3. Mid-Course Feedback
4. Partial Transcriptions
5. Starting and ending a Course

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